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Many of the cognate words here treated have descended to us through the French, or through the Teutonic family. PRELIMINARY STATEMENT OF THE NEW SYSTEM OF INDO-EUROPEAN PHONETICS. A complete index is fur- nished for the Latin, the Greek, and the cognate English words. The clianges proposed by the new system have reference chiefly to the vowels. They are given because they illustrate the subject, and may be used for later reference. Great prominence has been given to the derivation of English words. As this comparison is always going on and becoming still wider and more dis- criminating, the special results attained, relating either to single words or to the rules deduced, must always be held as open to any modification which may be reasonably required by continued investigation. In every language of the family these sounds occur, but with still less perfect systems of expression. KOTT'Tiji, to strike, to cut, [apocope, syncope] ; KOfx-^ou, that which is struck, that which is knocked ofi", a piece, a short clause of a sentence, [comma'] ; kott-t;, a striking, a cutting in pieces ; kott-ci;?

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These views will be found stated and explained in Part I., Chap. The roots, arranged in accordance with this system, are given by themselves near the close of the volume, so that the use of them will not lead to any confusion.

Strange in external appearance are the Indo-European and Greek groundforms or explanatory symbols which are the re- sult: ^Tn-wpiai for ravu/xat ; "^ f^n-ua for fiaivio =^ venio.