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I was trying to rebuild my life and struggling every day to do just a little better. Online forums and social networking sites were the limit of my social interaction.

And finally, later that day: You have a private message.

Flipping through the channel guide and online shopping for Christmas presents, I came across a show called “Catfish” on MTV. Half an hour later I received a text she was going to bed. We were the type of couple who spent two hours saying our good nights. I had a full year’s worth of comments and hints to work with. Feverishly, I scanned through every photo I could find.

The woman I thought I loved — I did love — was a lie. When we talk — yes, we still talk — I don’t ask too many questions. I’ve been asked why I still talk to Jamie — why I don’t hate her. Following in the footsteps of his hero Mark Twain, one day, he intends to circumnavigate the globe, write about it, and let someone else foot the bill.

No amount of staring at a computer screen or typing in search queries was going to change anything. Jonathan Williams is a freelance writer, avid reader, sometimes chef, and constant traveler.

So I lied to friends, family and casual acquaintances about how I met Jamie (which is not the name she used).

Lies had been a part of our relationship since the very beginning. It was midnight on a Friday, and I was on an online forum where would-be writers wasted time talking about writing rather than actually writing.

Desperately craving a beer I knew I couldn’t have and aching for social interaction.

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