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13-Sep-2017 02:17

They have given everything of themselves to this sport. If he chooses to be in a relationship with you, be sure that he's ready to be committed and loyal. They follow through with who they're commit with. Actually a great thing, but keep in mind that their loyalty isn't just to their own team. You don't have to worry about them flirting with other girls.4.

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I hope you didn’t feel the need to do this because people were attacking you for a [email protected] I’m tagging you because you’re how I found out about this and I want your opinion.GROWN MEN AND WOMEN gossiping about a woman cheating, which they didn’t know for sure according to you, isn’t the same. Especially because most of the people reading this are young with a lot left in life to accomplish.Especially being that there’s an idea that “hoe” behavior by men in professional sports is okay. Nobody is a Barbie to entertain a man and nobody is a novelty item. But both people should be making efforts to spend time together, even if it’s just getting on Face Time for the five overlapping minutes you both have.She was being slut-shamed for something that she may not have even done. And bimbo is just another gendered insult that I don’t think you would use against a man like the others throughout this post. I’m 100% not trying to shit on you or talk down to you, but what you wrote came across poorly. What you wrote reeked of an unbalanced, unhealthy relationship with one person in control.

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And even if she had, her guy had no business telling everyone he works with what goes on within their relationship when he chose to continue being with her.19. These are only things that I, personally, had an issue with. I had to write this because it irked the hell out of me tbh.They know that quality is better than quantity, and well, you have to be okey with this if you want to be in relationship with them. That's how they approach life and relationships as well, so if he's into you be sure that "being afraid of commitment" will not be an issue. They are hopeless romantics at heart, so don't be surprised if you get unexpected passionate kisses or a big bear hug. But hockey was their first love and will always matter the most.

In my experience, these relationships that were “wrong” from the start are very hard to repair.… continue reading »

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The wide tan swath shows his Grande Armée, almost half a million strong, marching East to Moscow; the black trickle shows the few who straggled back.… continue reading »

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