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13-Aug-2017 03:32

Stopping in the closet she changed out of her scrubs from work and left on only a black lace bra with matching thong.

Walking into the bathroom she washed her hands and looked in the mirror.

Going down the hall she entered the Master bedroom.

It was a warm room done in blood red, a soft golden color and accented with dark woods and black. On one side of the bedroom was a sitting area with a lounge chair and on the other was a desk area with some books and things.

Sam asked as she dropped her bags on the floor and walked forward into the living room.

It was done minimally but had numerous pictures and pieces of art everywhere.

Pulling into her driveway she smiled at the old Victorians help for the last year.

As a nurse at the UCSF hospital specializing in ICU, she had a lovely home in Berkley and volunteered her time every month at the free clinic.She had begun the change to a woman many years ago but still retained one piece of her born anatomy.

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