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The inspiring joke of Milos Forman’s richly funny and exuberant docudrama is that the scuzzier Flynt’s magazine became, the more it turned him into a hero, a renegade crusader for the First Amendment.

Woody Harrelson’s audacious performance takes off after Flynt is shot and paralyzed: Doped up and enraged, his voice a nerve-damaged mumble, Flynt suddenly has nothing to lose — and so he takes on the courts, Jerry Falwell, the world, becoming the whacked-out Lenny Bruce of porn.

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6 I SHOT ANDY WARHOL In 1968, Valerie Solanas walked into Andy Warhol’s office and pumped three bullets into his chest. Or was she a crackpot visionary testing the waters of feminist rage before it was fashionable?And Courtney Love, as Flynt’s drug-addled party-girl wife, demonstrates that she has the force and instinctive humor of a major actress.